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How fiber broadband is the world's new BFF

In the past, the Internet and the systems that support it have been notorious for contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, fiber optic broadband has changed things for the green. Here are a few ways that fiber optic broadband is better for the environment


Made of eco-friendly material


The copper cables used in DSL or cable internet come from copper mines. Copper mining produces toxic substances like sulfur dioxide which is harmful to the environment as it leads to acid rain. Acid rain has devastating effects on everything from plants to animals, as well as causing serious health complications for humans. On the other hand, fiber optic cable is made of glass. Silicon dioxide, which makes glass, does not lead to the production of harmful chemicals and byproducts and has no harmful effects.


More energy efficient


Fiber optic cables use 12 times less energy in data transmission using light than other alternatives such as copper cables. This is because fiber optic cables require very little power to operate as opposed to coaxial cables of up to 3.5 watts to carry data up to 100 meters. More electricity means more heat is generated. To avoid overheating and reduce the temperature, air conditioning is used. The use of fiber cables reduces the need for air conditioners, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

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